Monday, July 25

Abortion pill deaths puzzle health officials

The primary victims here are the women that are not well-informed. Of course, one cannot expect Planned Parenthood to properly inform women of the dangers of the abortion pill. That would be bad for business. Like I have written before, what ever happened to freedom of choice? The problem is that the denial of necessary information--the lack of freedom to choose--in this case can result in death. Thank goodness for the warning labels, but I think it is to little to late.
LOS ANGELES - Federal health investigators are baffled: Why have four California women died from a bloodstream infection after using a controversial abortion pill?

"On the surface, this appears unusual," said Dr. Marc Fischer, a medical epidemiologist at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. "That's why we're investigating."

Two of the deaths -- one this year and one last year -- were reported last week by the Food and Drug Administration. The other two deaths occurred in 2003. All were caused by sepsis, a bloodstream infection, health officials say.