Tuesday, July 26

Durbin, Right to Abortion question would disqualify John Roberts

There is no freedom of choice--I have said this way to many times. According to a LifeNews.com report, Sen. Dick Durbin told NBC's "Meet the Press" that if Supreme Court nominee John Roberts doesn't recognize a right to abortion during questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Roberts would "disqualify" himself from getting Durbin's vote.
Asked if President Bush had the same right to appoint pro-life justices that former President Clinton had to appoint abortion advocates, Durbin insisted, "I'm not looking for a litmus test."
So, what do you call that? A Lemon test?
However, asked what he would do if Roberts said he did not find a right to abortion in the Constitution, Durbin told "Meet the Press" host Tim Russert, "I wouldn't vote for him. That would disqualify him in my mind."
So, now Durbin knows more about what is in the Constitution and how to interpret? How about this--read it, look up the big words in the dictionary, and leave it at that.