Thursday, July 28

Narrow approval for CAFTA

So CAFTA passed. One thing that gives me confidence in CAFTA is the overwhelming opposition to CAFTA by the Democrats. They can be so predictable sometimes. I am no lawyer, so I don't know the specifics of this one, but let it be clear--I am all for free trade and removed barriers and tariffs. If this is what CAFTA does, today is a day to celebrate for Central America.
WASHINGTON - The House of Representatives narrowly approved a controversial trade deal with Central America early today, handing Silicon Valley's high-tech industry and President Bush a major victory after weeks of intense lobbying and deal-making.

Despite that support and the relatively small size of the market, the Central American Free Trade Agreement, known as CAFTA, struggled to pass in the House, 217-215. The GOP leadership extended the normal 15-minute voting period to an hour as it lobbied for support. The pact passed in the Senate, 54-45, on June 30.

More than 90 percent of House Democrats voted against CAFTA, arguing that it will cost U.S. manufacturing jobs because it is not strong enough on labor and environmental rights in the Central American countries. The vote continued a drop in House Democratic support for controversial trade deals that could hurt the party with the high-tech industry.
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