Sunday, July 24

London, Police Arrest Man, Suspect al-Qaida

A third suspect has been arrested, reports the Associated Press. What I want to know is why must the AP feel the need to insert a quote and re-hash the facts of the unfortunate killing of the Brazilian electrician--In the second paragraph! What does that have to do with this story? Is the intent of the AP to intimidate London authorities into returning to a no-weapons policy, and allow terrorists to have their way?

Mistakes happen. Repeating the story in this sort of off-hand way boils down to foolish bias, and twisting of the facts just in order to manipulate reader's feelings. It was a horrible mistake. Report the story. But, don't mix things up and try to make the authorities look bad over this. The threat and danger is still real, and the authorities must keep working.
LONDON - British police arrested a third man in connection with last week's failed attack against London's transit system and said Sunday they were trying to penetrate what they suspect is an al-Qaida network behind the plot.

Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair expressed deep regret to the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian electrician shot dead by police on the subway Friday after he was mistaken for a terrorist. Blair called the killing a "tragedy," but defended officers' right to use deadly force against suspected terrorists.

The latest arrest was made Saturday in an area near London's southern Stockwell neighborhood, Tulse Hill, where Menezes had lived and near the subway station where he was killed. The man was arrested "on suspicion of the commission, instigation or preparation of acts of terrorism," said a police