Tuesday, July 26

Hispanic Opinion Tracker--Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, Salma Hayek and Paulina Rubio Top Influencers

Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, Salma Hayek and Paulina Rubio are the top four Hispanic female celebrities who influence the fashion and style of Hispanics, according to a recently released research report from Synovate, which was commissioned by People en Español.
According to the report, called "Hispanic Opinion Tracker," Hispanics love to shop, and are spending almost twice as much per capita as the general population on clothing and accessories.

The study also found that Hispanics are much more likely to pay cash (75% of those polled.) According to the report, only about 15% use credit cards, compared to over 40% for the general market.

This year the "HOT" study took a deeper dive into specific consumer behaviors, focusing on such top advertising sectors as beauty, retail, fashion, automotive, food and health. Other key findings include:
  • Hispanics spent on average $1,992 on clothing and accessories in the last 12 months, compared to $1,153 for the general population
  • Hispanics are over-indexing on usage of beauty products (hair, makeup and skincare)
  • Hispanics are 14% more likely to purchase a new car within the next two years than the general population
  • 26% of Hispanics plan on buying a new home within the next 12 months vs. 9% of the general population
  • Wal-Mart, JC Penney and Sears ranked as the top three stores for Hispanics to shop, with Wal-Mart leading the marketplace at 37%
  • 56% of Hispanics love to shop vs. 39% of the general population