Tuesday, July 26

A Church's role in the city -- Broken Stained Glass

JR Briggs is a pastor at Pierced Chapel in Colorado Springs, CO. I have been at services a lot, and the community there at Pierced is amazing. If you want to know more about what a Church should or could be doing in their cities, read it here from someone who is moving in that direction.
what if the churches and para-churches which saturate this city stepped up and got involved? How might this city look differently? (He mentioned that the mayor of Miami has 1,200 faith-based churches and organizations that are actively involved and partnering with the mayor's office to help the city...unbelievable. What if we did that?)

Pierced is going to step up and get involved...

...I wonder if in the midst of our excitement for how churches are growing, if our hearts are breaking with the thousands of other people who are not involved in our churches, or more importantly, involved in a life-altering, category-shattering relationship with the risen savior.

Does my heart for the lost break like Christ's?

If only more pastors where asking themselves this question, and truly considering how congregations could make a difference, perhaps we would have no need for government welfare. Then again, maybe churches do nothing because they have learned to let the government take care of problems (badly).

Check out Broken Stained Glass.