Tuesday, July 26

Corruption in Mexico? President lashes out at critics

I don't know what the evidence is, or the facts of this case, but I am all for exposing potential corruption. Knowing how things usually work in Latin America, I would tend to think corruption is probably happening. It's good to know that these elected officials are doing their job, and holding Fox accountable. Maybe then their economy can improve, and they can start providing better opportunities for their own people, instead of encouraging illegal immigration.
Mexican President Vicente Fox berated a trio of legislators for verbally attacking his wife and family, El Universal reported Monday.

Fox said that congresswomen Martha Lucia Micher, Victoria Eugenia Mendez and Yolanda Gonzalez were wasting the public's time and that they "should dedicate themselves to doing what they are supposed to do, and what they are paid to do."

The three lawmakers have accused Mexican first lady Marta Sahagun of overspending taxpayer money on clothing and for using her influence over her husband to help her sons from a previous marriage amass substantial wealth.

The sons of Sahagun have been accused of profiting from government financing for construction projects.

Micher is leading a federal investigation in the influence abuse allegations.