Tuesday, July 26

Liberal Malcontents Against CAFTA (Liberals are always against anything good)

Liberal Malcontents wrote:
CAFTA fails to ensure that workers in the participating countries have the rights to organize and bargain collectively, earn a living wage or even prevent child labor.
Well, what about starvation, poverty, lack of opportunities in the first place, or the ability to earn a living--whatever it might be? What do you know of third world countries, where people just want to be able to live. Most are barely surviving.

CAFTA will stimulate their economies of Central American countries. As far as losing jobs here in the US, you would instead advocate higher prices at the register? You would advocate tariffs to protect our inefficient industries that refuse to innovate at the expense of the US tax payer? That's called socialism, and history has proven that it benefits no one!

So, yes, do call your house rep, and tell them to vote YES on CAFTA and make a real difference in the lives of millions of impoverished latinos. Tell them to vote yes, and contribute to the fight against Marxist who are threatening to take over the region again, with the support of the starving underclass, victims of thieves and profiteers.