Friday, July 29

Bolton Recess Appointment not a good idea?

I have to say I am surprised by Political Teens comments against a Bolton appointment. I absolutely do not agree. We are a federation for the exact reason the founding fathers intended--so we would not be ruled by the mob. President Bush was elected, and with that electoral victory came the expectations and trust of the people in him to execute his job accordingly.

It is why Kerry did not win--he cannot be trusted to make the right choices in tough times. Bush's ratings are low because the media has years of experience in manipulating popular opinion, and continue to miss-characterize the war on terror, Iraq, the economy, and so much more. It is unfortunate that our population does not have the wisdom and discerning to see through the lies. Some do and go elsewhere for their news and information--blogs, radio, etc.

It's not about approval ratings, Ian. An appointment would make a statement of Bush's determination to be a leader and his confidence in Bolton for the UN. Bolton is not a perfect man, but our president considers him fit. I do not think a recess appointment would increase American discontent. It will anger the Liberals, but there is nothing that can be done about that. Liberals like being angry. If its not one thing, its another. I do not think Bush should worry about what people think of him, but whether he is doing the right thing for the country. That is what he was elected to do!!

President Bush'’s approval ratings are rather low at the moment and a recess appointment would drag them down further. The last thing the President needs is more discontent with the American people. Bush doesn'’t have to worry about winning another election but he should worry about the way people think of him.

Right now Republicans are in control of the Senate, Congress, and the White House with a mandate. Having to give an appointment with all this power is not a good sign that elected officials “can handle things” to their constituents. Republican Senators did all they can to for Bolton to have an up-or-down vote, but you can’t stop the demand by the Democrats for unnecessary documents (hmm, sound familiar?).

One thing you did get right--the constitutional option should have been put in place. Then we would not be having this discussion in the first place. Why not point the finger at where the proble really lies. A senate that oversteps their bounds, has no respect for the Constitutional mandate of a President to nominate whoever he chooses, and the Senate's historical and Constitutional mandate to approve those nominations.

Bolton is not a criminal or mentally unfit. He has experience. He is qualified. Don't beat around the bush (no pun intended). Blame the Democrats. Blame spineless Republicans that join them in their attention grabbing, childish, hissy-fits.

Mr. President, we want leadership in the UN. You do what you know best.
I really think Bolton shouldn’t represent the United States in the UN unless he is voted in. He wouldn’t be taken seriously by other ambassadors, however Bolton has never been a man that cares about what others think of him. The bottom line is he needs to be confirmed and if that requires the constitutional option to be put in action, then so be it.

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