Sunday, July 24

No Enough -- France calls for release of Cuban dissidents

France is trying to save face today by calling for the release of Cuban dissidents. How about they get real, and start putting more pressure on the Castro regime to institute some real reforms towards democracy in the island. Words do nothing in light of the way the French have been turning a blind eye to what Cuba is doing on a daily basis to the Cuban people.
PARIS (Reuters) - France on Sunday called for the immediate release of Cuban dissidents rounded up two days ago prior to a planned protest outside the French embassy in Havana.

The protest was thwarted and Cuban authorities have released three women including dissident leader Martha Beatriz Roque but continue holding other opponents of President Fidel Castro.

"The French authorities are following this situation with the greatest attention so that all those arrested be freed without delay," the French foreign ministry said in a statement.
The French are two face. Maybe this is about money, just like the oil-for-food scandal was. What do the French care about democracy, and liberty? Nothing aparently.

France earlier this month moved to restore full ties with Havana by inviting Cuban government officials to its Bastille Day celebration, a move that disappointed the dissidents.