Thursday, July 28

Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant

I am half way through Humberto Fontova's book, Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant. I have to say it has been an eye-opener. It's not so much what Castro has done, but the extent that the American elite and MSM has gone in painting a romantic picture of Fidel.

I am deeply saddened by what I have learned of the Cuba of my father and the Cuba of my grandfather, when I consider the pictures, the stories, and the suffering of the Cuba of today--what is left of it. It is the kind of tears that do not come through the eyes, but those that collect in that deepest part of my heart.

While I don't find Fontova's literary style incredibly captivating, he does present a strong collection of evidence that convicts. My only complaint is that at times, it seems like his anger and frustration clouds his intellect--then again, it is understandable.

The one big lesson: Kennedy was worst than Clinton! Could this even be possible? The betrayal, cowardice, and lack of leadership of the Kennedy administration is shameful. The deaths of those Cuban heroes are on his head and on the Democratic party, Hollywood, EU, and all of those who continues to stonewall and look the other way as Fidel tortured, imprisons and murders.

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. A must read for every second generation Cuban American!
From the Inside Flap
"Cuba’s own Elvis"—that’s what Dan Rather calls him. Funny name for a man who has threatened the United States with nuclear war, who has made common cause with Islamic terrorists against the United States, and whose people risk death to escape him. But there’s a lot that Hollywood liberals and other Fidel Castro admirers would rather you didn’t know about the dictator of Cuba—like how he imprisoned more people as a percentage of population than Hitler or Stalin; how Fidel’s firing squads killed thousands of Cubans; how Fidel’s subjects would rather inject themselves with AIDS than live under his tyranny. Drawing on a wealth of research—including interviews with former Castro regime officials, anti-Castro freedom fighters, and Castro’s political prisoners—acclaimed author Humberto Fontova reveals the ugly face of the Castro regime. Along the way, he punctures some of the egregious myths about Cuba: · The Motorcycle Bore: The real Che Guevara—not the rebel rock star of T-shirt fame, but a battlefield incompetent, a puritan-Stalinist bore, and the man who sent thousands of innocent Cubans to the firing squads · Communist Economics 101: How Castro took Cuba from being a First World economy that had to turn away European emigrants to a country that even impoverished Haitians won’t emigrate to, with among the highest suicide and abortion rates in the world · The Saddam Hussein Next Door: How Castro has not only had nuclear weapons (and wanted to launch them) but has plotted massive terrorist outrages against the United States · Fidel the anti-black racist and unrepentant Communist—and his long list of useful idiots: from Jesse Jackson to Oliver Stone, George McGovern to Ted Turner, Bill Clinton to Steven Spielberg, to Katie Couric and many others · The Left’s favorite racism: against conservative Cuban-Americans Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant is a stunning exposé of the real Fidel Castro and of the hypocrisy, ignorance, and inexcusable appeasement that makes his liberal admirers notorious.