Thursday, July 28

ESPN Deportes La Revista' Debuts Newsstand Issue

From Marketing & Medios: Good to see ESPN doing more to provide valuable content to Latinos, as well as leverage the love for sports among Latinos. Hopefully, this means greater exposure for Latino athletes.
The first issue of Editorial Televisa's ESPN Deportes La Revista hits newsstands this week, with a cover featuring NBA's Emanuel Ginobili, a.k.a. Manu, an Argentine forward for the San Antonio Spurs.

A popular player and spokesman for Gatorade in Argentina, Ginobili is well known in the San Antonio area..

The magazine is part of a branded, Spanish-language effort by Televisa and Walt Disney Co.'s ESPN Enterprises to target Spanish-speaking sports fans in the U.S. Other ESPN Deportes-branded initiatives include ESPN Deportes Television, ESPN Deportes Radio, ESPN, and ESPN Deportes Wireless, a streaming content program available to subscribers on mobile devices. The magazine's target demographic is Hispanic males ages 18 to 34. Though the initial circulation of 55,000 will be audited, Editorial Televisa plans to print 100,000 total to allow for some newsstand returns, DeCardenas says. The additional number of magazines will not be part of the ABC audit.

Some copies of the magazine, whose first issue will be 100 pages, will also be given away as part of promotions run by ESPN Enterprises parent company, The Walt Disney Corp., which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, says DeCardenas.