Friday, July 29

Peruvian Government Approves Law 28542, Law to Strengthen the Family

By Josue Sierra

The Peruvian government just approved Law #28542, "“The Law to Strengthen the Family." You can read the original legislation text in Spanish here. Sources indicate that the Peruvian church was involved in lobbying the government in this effort.

The goal of the new legislation is to promote and strength the family as the foundation for society. It includes provisions for programs for judges, teachers, policemen, doctors and medical professionals, among others, to teach them how to strengthen families, a school for parents to teach moms and dads how to be effective in raising their children,and the promotion of family values and principles through educational and mass media materials.

This is great news for Peru, and for South America. It is good to see people of faith in Peru getting involved in their government process. Latino's do not usually have a lot of faith in government or the political process, leaving it mostly to corruption. It is good to see good people doing something about their country, the family, and social values that are fundamental in the social and economic development of Peru.

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