Tuesday, July 26

Cuba releases more dissidents, 10 still jailed

The Associated Press is reporting the release of 23 more dissidents. There are still 10 being held against their will. This is Castro's Cuba.
HAVANA · Cuban authorities have freed 23 dissidents detained last week, a leading human rights activist said Monday.

In all, 33 people were detained Friday. Some were released Saturday.

The dissidents had planned to attend a protest outside the French Embassy to press European nations to lobby for Cuban political prisoners.

Among the 10 still jailed is René Gómez Manzano, the dissident attorney who was an organizer of a mass meeting of opposition members earlier this year.

Martha Beatriz Roque, a top Cuban opposition leader known internationally for her organization of a mass meeting of dissidents here in May, was released.

Cuba's government has not commented on Friday's roundup of dissidents.

The detentions were criticized Saturday by the U.S. State Department.