Friday, July 29

President Bush Proud of House Action to Pass CAFTA-DR Agreement

The White House was really behind this one! Regardless of who directly or indirectly benefits, I do have to agree that this sort of partnership increases US influence in the region. With the rise of Chavez and Castro, and instability in South America, this is important. The timing could not have been better. The idea is to go in and shore up the economy in the region BEFORE tyrants start taking over and making things worst.

Check out the White House list of benefits of CAFTA. We have seen how increased trade with China has opened the population to freedom, the benefits of Internet infrastructure, and more. Let's bring that to Central America, and show the region what is possible with hard work.

I agree: CAFTA will "Promote Freedom And Democracy And Expand Economic Opportunity And Security In Our Hemisphere."

This also from President Bush on CAFTA.
President Proud of House Action to Pass CAFTA-DR Agreement

I am proud that the House of Representatives has acted to advance America's economic and national security interests by passing the CAFTA-DR agreement. CAFTA helps ensure that free trade is fair trade. By lowering trade barriers to American goods in Central American markets to a level now enjoyed by their goods in the U.S., this agreement will level the playing field and help American workers, farmers, and small businesses. The agreement is more than a trade bill; it is a commitment of freedom-loving nations to advance peace and prosperity throughout the Western hemisphere. We have a moral obligation and a vital national security interest in helping the democracies of Central America and the Dominican Republic succeed, and CAFTA furthers that goal. I look forward to signing this important legislation into law.