Monday, July 25

Kerry, Lance Armstrong would make a terrific politician, fears he'd run for the wrong party

What are you worried about Sen Kerry? Actually, I understand. After all, Lance Armstrong has all the characteristics Kerry lacks--focus, discipline, intelligence, strategic abilities, and endurance. Oh, also, he worked for what he has achieved, and earned his money. Most importantly, Armstrong actually knows how to win.

Of course, if Armstrong is going to win, I would expect him to run on the Republican party. But, then again, he is a democrat, and democrats don't win elections. Perhaps Armstrong would best stick to athletics and what he knows best.
AINT-ETIENNE, France -- Sen. John Kerry thinks Lance Armstrong would make a terrific politician _ but fears he'd be running for the other party.

Watching Armstrong during his warmup for Saturday's time trial, the Democrat from Massachusetts listed the Texan's winning qualities.

"What's made him so special at the Tour de France, and as an athlete, is the level of focus, discipline, intelligence, strategic ability, and obviously, his endurance _ his ability to just take it on and go," Kerry said.