Sunday, July 24

MSN Virtual Earth will be up in the morning?

I go out and make a comment about something I usually don't write about, technology, and on that subject is what I get comments on. So, I guess I have to wait until the morning to check out the new MSN Virtual Earth.

Thanks to Mark Law for clarifying the issue on why I couldn't get into Virtual Earth. It made me wonder if Microsoft is keeping a real close eye on the blogsphere and making sure to clarify if anyone says anything about their products. So, do you work for Microsoft Mr. Law? It would actually be sort of eary, but then again, I would do the same if I was them. Good marketing and PR strategy. I would say just make sure your products work. It's always easier that way.
MSN Virtual Earth was only up for a short while so we could complete some testing...then we took it down...check it out in the AM (PST)...