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The Attempted Victimization of Hispanics

What is it with all this talk I hear about improving black and Latino relations? I found this article on AlterNet about how Vicente Fox snubbed the NAACP!! Give me a freaking break! The Lefty Libs at NAACP just have no clue! This is what I think is going on.

The lefty NAACP leadership is trying to make their candle shine a little bit brighter by snuffing out the latino's candle. The fact is there is one major difference between latinos and African Americans as minorities--we don't feel we have been victimized. I will admit, African Americans where victims of some horrible things through out history, but the truth is that today, all in all, we are in a much more civil, free, and equal-opportunity society. While racism still exists, it is not a population wide problem the way some in the modern so-called civil rights movement would have you believe.

In my case, as a Hispanic, I have never been called a 'spic', I have never had a job refused because of my dark hair, brown eyes or brown skin, and I have never been profiled by a police and stopped on the street (I was stopped for blowing off a stop sign,...but that's a different story all together). Here is my message to the NAACP. Stop trying to turn us (latinos) into equal opportunity victims. We are not like you. We are sorry for the suffering you have had, but we have had our own suffering, and our own trials. We also have been exiled from our home countries, either by hunger, corruption, murderous dictators, and lack of work opportunities. But we have chosen a different path. For the most part, with the exception of wacky La Raza or MECHA groups, Hispanics are not complainers. Go and talk to any of the day laborers who stand in street corners hoping to get picked up for some construction work for a days pay, and you will hear about the challenges, and the hardships, but you will also hear about the opportunities, about the blessings, about how things could be worst--thank God they are not.

So, no--Fox has no reason to go to an NAACP annual convention. It wouldn't have been a bad idea to be there, but to refuse means nothing!! The man had a full schedule. Take it as it is. Don't even get me started on the Memin stamp! That was the biggest bunch of hogwash I have ever heard coming from...I don't even know who it was that was protesting it. Fools! What do they know about Memin, its significance, and the message it gives to the Latino community? Here is a real sharp post on AlterNet on that subject. This is one smart individual--more than I can say for our beloved African American civil rights leaders.

Mexican Stamp
Posted by: ZylogZ80 on Jul 12, 2005 7:02 AM [Report this comment]
I did some reading up on the cartoon they were putting on that stamp that caused such an uproar (I can't recall the character's name at the moment). Though the little cartoon guy looked racist to Americans (myself included) when we see it out of context. Actually, after reading up on the character, he's a pretty positive little guy. He has a group of friends, who are of different races, and they story runs in a sort of serial continuing story format. The group encounter problems and they overcome them through their different talents. The character on the stamp often over comes his problems, according to what I read, using ingenuity and hope. I know the likeness causes us discomfort, but the image is out of cultural context. When a Mexican sees that character he is entwined with their knowledge of his attributes and traits, that endear him to the people. One of the biggest fears we have on the left is the specter of racism, from the outside world, from within our ranks, and even in ourselves. I think we have to look at the whole picture before we judge, as that's what we ask of others.

Well, here is the full piece on Fox's snub. Read it.
To African Americans, I ask you, "Are you victims today?" Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it. That is true for you, for us latinos, for the white, Asians and Muslims that live and struggle in this country. We all have our struggles. We all have our enemies. Life goes on. Stop whinnying! And that goes for everyone else too!


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