Wednesday, July 13

Hispanics--The New Republicans

And here I was thinking that I was just a regular, good old fashioned republican, but Rev. Joseph Evans, a pastor at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Northwest Washington, says I am a New Republican. Joking aside, this was a good article. The Rev. gives some ideas on The Rev. Evans points out that you can't take conservative minority for granted, nor can we be ignored. If they left chooses to stereotype, and ignore our traditional conservative roots, then they are going to continue experiencing the fruits of electoral defeat.

What I do not agree with the Reverend is using race as a reason to make a Supreme Court decision. Rev. Evans suggests that in order to sustain this new emerging class of new Republicans, the president should nominate Clarence Thomas as the successor to Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Again, race is an unacceptable parameter for the naming of the next Justice. May the best man win. Let's just leave it at that. I don't think anyone is putting into doubt the President's commitment to minorities. Why must we create racial interest groups pressuring every decision our government makes? It is foolish and does no good to anyone.
Journalists are creating public awareness of an emerging class of people called New Republicans. No longer operating under the proverbial radar screen, they are people who value family, limited government, self-help and responsibility, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Partly, journalists may be interested in their enlarging presence because they are noticing an obvious sociopolitical paradigm shift occurring in our country. Another reason may be that the New Republicans are African Americans and Hispanics.

From a conservative perspective, African Americans and Hispanics conspicuously are asserting themselves in the public square by engaging in politics, commerce and the judiciary. President Bush may nominate appeals court Judge Emilio Garza to replace the venerable Sandra Day O'Connor, who recently announced her retirement. This appointment would reflect a changing reality within the Republican Party.