Friday, July 15

Mark Levin--Everyone in the Dark Regarding the Next Supreme Court Justice

Great article at Family News in Focus on the wrangling by the Democrats to try to position themselves at an advantage in the upcoming confirmation battle for the Supreme Court. It really seems like it doesn't matter what the administration does to reach out, the Democrats want war and will have war regardless. If the President is smart, he will nominate a conservative originalist who will stick to the Constitution. That is the only thing that will be acceptable to me. Otherwise, the President will have war on both sides! I did not elect the President so he could go out and play politics and capitulate to the winds political correctness for the sake of his legacy, or peace with the Democrats.
"The talks seemed to go well for all the participants involved--—both Democrats and Republicans," according to Focus on the Family Action Judicial Analyst Bruce Hausknecht.

"I have noticed since then," he said, "that some of the Democratic senators are now saying that any consultation that does not involve the president running a list of his nominees past Democratic leadership is 'insufficient consultation.' "

That's out of line, Hausknecht said.

"I think the Democrats want to know who they have to gear up for," he said. "Right now they are in the dark along with the rest of America as to who's on the president's short list."

Mark Levin, president of Landmark Legal Foundation and author of "Men in Black," a book about the Supreme Court, told CitizenLink that Bush is bending over backwards to consult with Senate Democrats, when they haven't earned the right to be trusted.

"The president is free to call whomever he wishes, of course," Levin said, "but these are the same people who have been stabbing him in the back since he became president in order to undermine his ability to appoint individuals to the appeals courts who reflect his judicial philosophy."
I'm just hoping with Levin.
"In the end, they will filibuster. In the end, the filibuster will be broken," he said. "All we have to hope for is that the president nominates the right people—and that at least 50 Republican senators out of 55 have enough common sense to confirm them, because the vice president can cast the 51st vote if necessary."