Saturday, July 16

London Bombers--Lessons for a More Secure America

ABC is reporting ties between the London bombers and the US. This presents scary possibilities. What if some of these calls where sleeper cell activations?

"Whilst we are watching the ports and the airports trying to prevent people from coming in," said M.J. Gohel, a terrorism analyst at the Asia-Pacific Foundation, "al Qaeda and its global jihadi friends are a step ahead. They have already penetrated into the West and are recruiting Western born Muslims to join terrorism."

The lesson here for us regarding our own security.

1. Don't take cultural assimilation lightly. We are an open nation, welcoming to those that want a better life, but there must be a price--you must swear allegiance to the flag, and the Republic for which it stands. London has these eclaves of Muslims that fosters division in the nation, and leaves an open weakness for British nationals who fall prey to muslim's extremist indoctrination.

2. Where does free speech stop? There must be a limit. Freedom is not open and infinite. It must and should have boundaries. Will we allow MECHA student groups to advocate independence, and secession?Will we allow our own Muslim communities to have Imans that call out for violence, recruit for the violent causes, and raise funds?

When these two things are taken more seriously, and realistically, only then can we start having serious mature conversations on how to integrate the influx of immigrants, and how to foster a secure, diverse, and unified nation.