Wednesday, July 13

Karl Rove, Karl Rove, Karl Rove, Karl Rove!!

What is it with the left? Even I am getting tired of this non-story. The left is so determined to find something to bring Bush down, it has blinded them from reality, and made them forget their training from first-year journalism school. Google news has as laundry list of sites carrying stories on Karl Rove--did he leak, did he wistleblow, fire him, do something! It's sickening. Why won't the lib's just give it up? Hugh Hewitt had this link to on the briefing yesterday.
"I don’t even know how to describe the journalists’ questions in the briefing. I guess I could say they were disrespectful and disgraceful, but that does not quite do it justice. When I was watching, I just could not even get terribly angry about it because I was laughing too hard. Here are these blow-dried reporters who have spent years focusing their reports on whatever points the Democrat leaders tell them are important, rather than correctly framing and reporting the stories they cover, getting all nasty and going off on Scott McClellan over Karl Rove."
Make sure to check out the transcript of Hugh Hewitt's interview with Wonkette.
Hugh and Wonkette square off on the Karl Rove non-scandal. I liked this from
Day by day, with the Karl Rove non-story continuing to not develop the kinds of revelations the liberals in Washington so long for, that hasn't stopped the fabled White House Press Corps, many of whom ought to reside at Bellevue instead of major media networks, from engaging in a verbal form of a foodfight, all aimed at Scott McClellan, the White House Press Secretary.

The three wolves in the press corps forest, John Roberts from CBS, David Gregory from NBC, and Terry Moran of ABC, along with many other ferrets, weasels, badgers, and other mid-sized mammals in the rodent family, have spent a cumulative hour and a half, over the last three days, trying desperately to get the White House to serve up Karl Rove's head on a plate. It ain't gonna happen. The Republicans tried about eight years ago to scandal their opponent out of their lives forever. And in that case, it was pretty easy to understand. Having your pants down in the Oval Office, engaging in oral sex with a White House intern, still is a scandal, unless you happen to be Larry Flynt. But Clinton rode it out, and finished out his term.

In this case, we are talking about a White House staffer correcting information about a story, on background, and according to most thinking people on both sides, doesn't come close to the threshold of breaking the law. But that doesn't seem to stop the White House Press Corps from strip mining the Press Room, looking for a chunk of fool's gold. Here's the highlights from today's briefing.

Well, I think this is enough on Karl Rove, and his whole non-story. I hope the rest of the media world would do the same.