Saturday, July 16

United States of America--Welfare State for the World?

Why is it that the left feels we have a constitutional obligation of some sort to provide welfare and healthcare for free to the world? This is ridiculous! The victims are the children, who are not at fault. Secure the borders governor. The majority of the nation is behind you.
As was widely reported not long ago, Arnold invited the "Minutemen" from Arizona to come to California to guard our borders this summer because the federal government, as many Californians see it, won't do the job. This issue is one of those occasional, unique circumstances that can, and may, so suck all the air out of the other political discourse in California that budgets, education and infrastructure may simply fade to the back pages while withering intensity goes into the front-page "stop the ilegals" debate.

If this scenario takes traction, as it appears it will, the issue will be the only one that drives the next statewide election. I can, of course, see Arnold winning in a landslide in that intellectually impoverished event. Paralyzed legislative Democrats in Sacramento will have no one to blame but themselves once again. Yet while the result may be great for Republicans, California will still be a state where nothing gets done to balance the budget, control spending, plan water policy and fix K-12 education.

My question is who's fault is it that nothing gets done? Who's fault is it that the budget is not balanced, and that spending is over the roof? Who's fault is it that K-12 education in the BLUE state of California is broken? It is not the governors. It is the parade of extremely left leaning politicians that insist on playing social experimentations and apply socialist, liberal ideologies in how they run the state. In the process, they have bankrupted the state, cheated hard working people out of their money, and caused a social breakdown at all levels.

Maybe now the voters can get smart, and start electing some real leadership with backbone, so things can get done. Cut the spending. Promote choice in the school system by enacting vouchers and encouraging charter schools and home schooling. Privatize or deregulate whatever has to do with water policy. How about hearing about real solutions for a change. Oh, and one more things. Stop trying so hard to appear progressive and PC by spending money on stem cell research and other stupid projects the government should have nothing to do with.