Thursday, July 14

U.N. Official--Key to Ending Poverty is Abortion

Kim Trobee from Family News in Focus writes about the Millennium Development Goals project that attributed "China's remarkable achievements in development at least partly to its lower birth rate" according to a report in the Chinese People's Daily.

When it comes to defeating poverty and hunger around the globe, Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University appears to have it all figured out. His tools: Access to abortion and family planning.

Gary Kreep, executive director of the U.S. Justice Foundation, said that kind of thinking is counterproductive.

"We're denying ourselves the human resources that could help solve these problems," he said. "The U.N. has embarked upon a course of believing that the only way to develop a sustainable economic model is to promote abortion."

The U.N. believes population control simply means fewer poor people. That requires convincing or coercing people in certain countries.

Joseph D'Agostino, vice president for communications at the Population Research Institute, said coercion is often the method chosen.

"When you go to government officials in these countries and you tell them to reduce the number of children being born, they tend to employ whatever it takes," he said.

This is another example of how plain useless and brainless the UN can be. This kind of mass social experimentation will always have serious negative social and economic repercussions.

I support a non-profit that works at placing orphan Chinese girls in adoptive homes. It is said the stories I have heard of abandoned and neglected precious little girls. This is genocide of a whole different kind, committed by a coerced population under the rule of a communist regime. But no one is willing to call it what it is.