Monday, July 11

Ed Morrissey--Press Unrelenting Towards this Administration

I saw the great interview performance by Ed Morisey from Captians Quarter on MSNBC. You can watch the video on the web here, or just read the transcripts here. Here is the part I liked--Ed said it like it is, and told the truth about the MSM to their face. Go Captain!
EM: I think that it's actually gone the other way around, Monica. I think that the press has been unrelenting towards this administration, has done its level best to undermine this administration. And I think this Valerie Plame case is a great case and point. This is a story which the New York Times itself pressed onto the national stage. They are the...the press is the one that demanded a special prosecutor, it demanded a special investigation into this case, and then they turned around and said but we're not going to cooperate with you.

This is their case. They're the ones who created this, and for them to sit there and say well, you know, but we have to protect the whistleblowers, the whole case is built on somebody coming forward anonymously, and talking to the press. If the press isn't going to cooperate in that, then it's like saying we know who it is, but we want you to go out and find out some other way, and we're not going to let up on you until you do. We're going to consider it a cover-up until you do.

It's a catch-22 for the Bush administration, and I think it's typical of the types of tactics that the press has used. They have been unrelenting on this administration. I don't have a problem with the press using anonymous sourcing, as long as that anonymous sourcing is confirmed through other contacts. The case that you mentioned with Newsweek, you had one single source, which they misrepresented as multiple sources, and it turned out to be wrong, when the document came out.

Obviously, that is a case where there is no checks and balances, and the damage was done. The damage is still being done, from that one report. And this is the type of reporting that we've had on this aministration the entire time.