Tuesday, July 12

The Victimization of African Americans

Power Line has some great comments on the NAACP and their efforts to extort money from corporations. As I said before, all this does is create a victim mentality among the African American community, and further hinder their struggles to gain economic success. Good thing there are thousands of African Americans that do NOT follow or listen to the voice of the NAACP. Here is the Power Line post:

The NAACP resorts to extortion

The NAACP, a once-great civil rights organization, will now devote itself to extorting money from corporations whose predecessors it thinks can be tied, in some fashion, to slavery. The extortion tactics are described by the Washington Times.

The money will come from shareholders who had nothing to do with the "peculiar institution," and whose ancestors probably didn't either. In many cases, the ancestors weren't even in this country during the time of slavery, and themselves suffered from various forms of discrimination when they arrived here.

Read the Washington Times article. These guys are pathetic!