Monday, July 11

Up next for Bob Geldof: Nobel prize? What a Joke!

Novel prizes have become meaningless tockens to political correctness, it seems. It should be awareded to some who has actually made a difference. Unlike Live 8, there are countless of incredible organizations that are on the ground feeding the poor, and helping them attain self-sustainability.

Live 8 organizer Bob Geldof may get a shot at the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jan Simonsen, a Norwegian lawmaker who has nominating rights for the coveted award, says Geldof should be honored for his efforts to bring attention to world poverty through rock music.

"I have for many years thought that a representative person from the rock environment should get the prize to show rock's border-breaking character," Simonsen said. "For example, rock is listened to by both Palestinian and Israeli youth. That in itself can create peace."