Monday, July 11

Cuba, Venezuela will fight attack as one: Chavez

That's all we needed--another nut case in the continent. Birds of the same feather flock together. Our prayers are with the people of Venezuela. We hope for your freedom.
(CARACAS) Any “imperialist” attack against either Cuba or Venezuela would be resisted by both nations as one, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Friday in an apparent reference to the United States.

Chavez routinely condemns the United States as a hostile “imperialist” power he says is bent on invading Venezuela to seize its oil wealth and topple or kill him, a charge US officials reject as ridiculous.

“The Cuban and Venezuelan peoples and revolutions are one and the same,” the left-wing leader said
I just wish we did not have to buy so much oil from them. All we do is fund his regime and oppress the people of Venezuela with our oil dollars. US needs to start finding alternative sources of fuel,capitulatelating to the enviro-nazis, and encourage more research and development into alternatives to oil.