Friday, July 15

Venezuela doctors in Cuba Protest, No More Cubanisation

BBC is reporting on protests by Venezuelan doctors, who are being left unemployed by the oil-for-doctors barter deal between Castro and Chavez. This basically amounts to slave labor by Castro. The Cuban doctors have little choice of their assignments, and do not get to earn fare wages. Castro gets his oil he would otherwise not afford, Chavez rallies the underclass, and the people are the victims.
Hundreds of Venezuelan doctors have marched through the country's capital, Caracas, demanding the expulsion of Cuban doctors.

President Hugo Chavez says he invited the medical staff into the country to provide free health care for the poor.

But Venezuela's doctors, who are also asking for better wages, say the Cubans are taking their jobs.

They say the government is trading its oil revenues to pay for some 20,000 Cuban doctors and dentists.

Dressed in white medical gowns and bearing national flags, some 400 doctors and medical staff carried banners reading 'No More Cubanisation!' as they marched.