Monday, July 11

Cuban exiles to send humanitarian aid to the island

I hope the Cuban government can set aside politics and ideologies, and accept the help that comes their way. I also hope it gets to the people, and doesn't end up in tourist stores and dollar stores

''We are still talking about what we can do but definitely we want to do something,'' said Cuban exile leader Ramón Saúl Sánchez, founder of the Democracia Movement.

''I can't say right now what it is because we haven't reached an agreement and because we are talking to our friends in Cuba to see what they need to see what we can do in a practical way to help,'' Sánchez told the Herald.

''We may revisit the question of trying to go with a shipload of humanitarian aid or simply send whatever help we can through the church or some other sector,'' he said. ''The first thing we have to do is make sure the people here understand the seriosness of the situation there. And also see what the Cuban government posistion will be. I want to give all the latitude possible for the government to assume a positive position.'' ``We are ready to assist in whatever way.''

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