Tuesday, July 12

Just Say No to Race-Based Public Policies

Just read on Captains Quarter about the Hawaiian activists that want race-based public policy. The New York times writes about a bill being introduced that could go before the Senate for a vote as soon as next week. The bill;
...would allow native Hawaiians - defined, in part, as anyone with indigenous ancestors living in the islands before the kingdom fell - to elect a governing body that would negotiate with the federal government over land and other natural resources and assets. There is a lot of money and property at stake, including nearly two million acres of "ceded lands," once owned by the monarchy; hundreds of thousands of acres set aside long ago for Hawaiian homesteaders; and hundreds of millions of dollars in entitlement programs.
M.E.C.H.A. or whatever, entertaining these kind of separatist ideas can only divide our nation, and may even one day take us to another civil war. We pray to God this not be the case, but enough is enough--stop the political correctness. I'll let CQ's concluding words say it all.
Let's quit accommodating those who want to live in the warm cocoon of the slights in the past. Separatist movements have no place in the United States. Given the track record of the reservation systems for maintaining viability for the Native Americans, we should avoid duplicating that system at all costs. As long as we keep creating new race-based public policies, we will never achieve true reconciliation or equality for Americans of all backgrounds and ethnicities.
Latinos. African Americans. Native Americans. Asians. United we stand, divided we fall.