Thursday, July 14

Rove/Plame: Where do We Stand? Thirteen Burning Questions

Leon H. at has provided a good round UP on the whole Rove/Plame story, with thirteen questions he feels are still left unanswered. Since I am not a lawyer, and as Leon himself said, this story has gotten a lot of people by surprise, since it only became a story once Rove's name came to play. that the hysteria has calmed a bit and the facts have been sorted out, the question remains, where do we stand? What are the issues left to be resolved? I humbly submit that this story boils down to 13 essential questions of fact, which I have enumerated below the fold. I also have attempted to answer these questions with the best information that I can find.

Items marked SETTLED are those on which moonbats and wingnuts agree in happy harmony. Items marked SOLID are those items for which significant evidence exists to dismiss the shrieking dissent of a few. Items marked SHAKY are those which are still up in the air, despite evidence on both sides. Items marked BURNING QUESTION are those about which virtually no evidence yet exists.
Here are the question he poses. Go to to read his response, and the discussion thread.
1. What was the genesis of the trip? (SHAKY)
2. Did Iraq seek to purchase yellowcake from Niger? (SHAKY)

3. Did Wilson violate the law by leaking to Pincus and Kristof? (SHAKY)

4. Were Wilson's claims about his trip to Niger truthful? (SOLID)

5. Did Wilson claim that Dick Cheney sent him on the trip to Niger? (SOLID)

6. Did Valerie Plame "authorize" the trip? (SETTLED)

7. Is Wilson a partisan? (SOLID)

8. Did Karl Rove intend to out Valerie Plame? (SHAKY)

9. Was Valerie Plame's identity a secret? (SHAKY)

10. Where did Rove learn of Plame's identity? (BURNING QUESTION)

11. Did Karl Rove break the law? (SOLID)

12. Did Karl Rove release Miller and Cooper in Jan/Dec? (SOLID)

13. Did President Bush promise to fire anyone involved in the leak? (SOLID)