Friday, July 15

No Pot at Wal-Mart

From Jonathan over at WorldMagBlog:

Wal-Mart won its latest bout with trashy lyrics and drug-related album covers. While anti-censorship groups have criticized Wal-Mart for pulling albums marked with a Parental Advisory sticker off its shelves, the Universal Music Group changed one of its products to accommodate the Wal-Mart standard.

E! Online News reported yesterday:

"The cover art of Countryman, released Tuesday, features green marijuana leaves over a red and yellow background and looks similar to a large pack of rolling papers. However, for those looking to snap up the CD at Wal-Mart's famously rolled back prices, the cover features a palm tree in place of the offending leaves, a change made by Universal Music Group Nashville out of deference to the retailing giant's strict guidelines with regards to lyrics and packaging."

Posted by Jonathan at July 15, 2005 07:57 AM
They have a great discussion on the re-definition of censorship, and the rights of a retailer to choose what to sell.