Monday, July 11

WorldBlog Banned from the White House?

One of my favorite blogs was apparently banned from the White House.

World Mag Blog is going to love us even more, now that we have managed to get them blocked at the White House. Bush, Condi, Karl, no one will be able to partake anymore. As mentioned in Dawson's "What's the Diehl" post on Tuesday Caffeine and Irony is apparently a threat to security or at least productivity. It all came out in an email I had going between a few friends. First:

> Congratulations, your blog is now blocked from Citigroup computers -
> >you've finally attracted the notice of someone...

Followed by:
Yeah, you guys got blocked from the [White House] as well. There goes my lunch
> >reading...

Hmmmmmm, I inquired further:
I don't know. The WH blocks some weird stuff sometimes, usually in the name of security. For instance, no one can log on to personal email accounts (hotmail, yahoo etc.) and we don't have
things like IM or anything. Kind of frustrating, but it keeps us on task.
I definitely miss reading the blog everday though. I feel like I am out of the loop...

We should get a bonus from World this year, for taking the blog to the highest levels of influence in our land, and totally messing it up.