Wednesday, July 13

The Christian Way to Deal with Terrorism

A WorldMagBlog reader posted a good question I would like to respond to. He said,

We all know most Muslims are not terrorists but most terrorists are Muslims. So where do we go from there? With an eternal perspective we can't go around smoking all of them even if we could. But I don't see a lot of thought being put into finding a Christian way to deal with this. Where is it?

Posted by wiley at July 13, 2005 09:27 AM
I liked Joel Mark's response,"God ordained governing authorities to deal with (read; "wield the sword") against evil-doers."

I would like to ad to his comment with some thoughts on individuals responsabilities--yes, even Christians. God ordained many sacred institutions, including work, the family, the church, and yes, even government and authorities.

While the institution where ordained by God, being that we are all flawed, it is evident that all institutions are imperfect. Nevertheless, as Christians, we are called to serve our own individual role in these institutions. Some are called to be Pastors, some are called to be business men, and some are called to be in politics. But, we are all called to serve and honor God--and we do so by affirming that which God has ordained.

This means that it is our responsibility to vote for responsible political leadership. It may also mean we are responsible to run and lead when it is evident we can make a difference.

How can a Christian say he/she supports our troops, but then say he/she is against this war? That is a contradiction. I dislike war, and what it does. It is horrible. But, I support our troops, and the ideals for which they fight. I support the freedom they give me, and those in the middle east.

A morally weak individual will form a weak family. A morally weak family creates a weak society. A morally weak society cannot possibly produce a strong government. A weak government only feeds the hunger of those that would murder our children, and destroy the freedom and values we enjoy.

So, it starts with the moral individual who lives by the judeo-christian value system (its the only one that actually has proven through out history to work). But, we are not marbles in a bag--we are all related, playing different roles that affect and support and interrelate with each other.

Support our troops! Fight Terrorism. Vote!