Thursday, July 21

Appeasing Castro prolongs tyranny

Great piece by the Boston Herald on the French embassy's celebration of Bastille Day and their shameless invitation of Fidel Castro's communist cronies. It's good to see a strong US newspaper putting the spot light on the EU's appeasing of Castro. So much for enlightened, civilized society--they are prolonging the suffering, and human rights abuse of the worst tyrant in the hemisphere.
Shamefully, they expressly didn't invite any of Cuba's dissidents: France had promised to turn a cold shoulder to democracy activists struggling to free themselves from their own (island) prison. So much for liberte, egalite and fraternite.

But it's not just the French who have decided to play along with Cuba's horrendous human-rights practices; the European Union as a whole has caved to Cuba's caudillo, Fidel Castro.

Back in 1996, the EU adopted a ``Common Position'' on Cuba, with the avowed goal of promoting democracy, respect for human rights and improvement in the often-dismal living conditions for the Cuban people. But the EU has shifted to appeasing Castro on these issues.

It started in March 2003, when Fidel threw 75 nonviolent democracy dissidents into jail. The next month, the EU slapped Cuba with economic sanctions, lowered the level of diplomatic contact and put regime opponents on the A-list for embassy parties. In response, Havana suspended relations with the EU.