Thursday, July 21

High Alert. Police search London hospital for bomb suspect

The Guarding is reporting on the ongoing search for the would be suicide bomber inside University College Hospital in London. The hospital is now on "high alert" as London police search for suspects. Fox News' Simon Marks is reporting that intelligence sources are saying that the mastermind behind the 7/7 bombings is not yet in custody and still at large.
Armed police are searching a hospital in central London amid reports that a suspected would-be suicide bomber was on the run inside after explosions on tube trains and a bus today.

Officers went back into University College Hospital (UCH) an hour after calling off their original search, which came after an incident involving explosives at the nearby Warren Street tube station.

Speaking at 4.50pm, a Metropolitan police spokesman said: "We have armed deployment at UCH, but we are not prepared to discuss this further at this stage."

At 4.30, the Sky News television channel reported that a convoy of police vans and two armed response units had arrived at the hospital, including officers from the anti-terrorist branch.