Sunday, July 17

London Bomb chemist in Cuffs, Studied in North Carolina

We have known for some time that we provide the high level training and education for these terrorists. What I wonder is if it has stopped. With professors like Churchill here in CO, it's no surprise our extreme left-leaning centers of higher education are producing these sort of maniacs.
Prior to Leeds, El-Nashar studied in North Carolina. Last night the FBA was investigating his time studying chemical engineering there.

Meanwhile, Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair admitted there was a “very strong possibility” of further attacks. He also confirmed police were investigating a “Pakistan connection” and said one suspect from there had been allowed to roam free in Britain despite being on an MI5 watch list.

There is also speculation the four bombers were DUPED into carrying their bombs without realising they would explode while still in their possession. Sir Ian admitted it was “puzzling” that the gang were carrying personal identity documents.

The bombers had also bought a pay-and-display ticket for their hire car at Luton Railway Station.

One security source said: “It is odd that they bought that parking ticket — not what you would do if you knew you were about to die.

“There is a slim possibility they were set up — the bombs primed to go off earlier than they expected.”