Friday, July 22

U.N. Brings Population Control to the Philippines

Alarming article from Family News in Focus correspondent, Kim Trobee. Is the Philippines going to become the next China?
The heavy hand of the U.N. is again trying to bolster abortion worldwide through coercion and threats.

Next month the Philippine Congress will vote on legislation that could have serious consequences for the family. Under the Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act, Filipinos would be limited to two children per family. The U.N. is behind the intimidation.

In the Philippines, the fertility rate among women is 2.8 children over the course of their lifetimes. Why the need for population control? Eileen Macapanas Crosby, who is with the Filipino Family Fund, points to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

"The population control movement is now putting emphasis on the Philippines in a way—and at a time—where they're under a lot of pressure to accept foreign aid because of the financial burden of the debt," Crosby said. "The money that the UNFPA is promising the Philippines is a pretty attractive benefit."

The government claims the plan is not coercive, but there are reports of involuntary contraception. Lea Sevcik, who is with the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, is concerned that pro-life healthcare workers may be at risk.

"One of the things that the bill prohibits," she said, "(is for individuals to) to 'act from conscience.' It actually threatens up to six months imprisonment."
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