Tuesday, July 19

Chavez--Anyone who thinks "revolutionary" government is turning into a dictatorial regime "is crazy enough to be tied up or just ignorant"

It would be expected that tensions would mount between Leftist Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez and the Catholic Church. The Associated Press is reporting Chavez denied a cardinal's statement that he is leading Venezuela toward a dictatorship. Considering his growing friendship and alliance with Fidel Castro, this is not very believable.

We cannot be blind to the danger to our hemisphere of a left-wing, dictatorial alliance on our own continent. Venezuela has nuclear power plants, and it would not be to difficult for him to attain nuclear capabilities. Regardless, Chaves is leading Venezuela down the failed path of communism, and it will affect the economies of neighboring countries, increasing the influx of illegal immigration.
Chavez said anyone who thinks his "revolutionary" government is gradually turning into a dictatorial regime "is crazy enough to be tied up or just ignorant (and) doesn't know what's happening in Venezuela."

The statements made by Chavez in Lima, Peru, where he was attending an Andean summit meeting, were released by his press office in Caracas on Monday. A day earlier, Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara said Chavez's administration "has seized control of all the branches of government" in Venezuela.

The cardinal warned that "true democracy" does not exist in Venezuela, and said the president is steering the world's fifth largest oil exporter toward a Cuba-style dictatorship.

"The only solution is democratic, which must involve the resistance of all the people," Castillo Lara said.

The church has been one of the loudest critics of Chavez, a former paratroop commander and self-styled revolutionary. Chavez, in turn, has described the church leadership as a "tumor."