Tuesday, July 19

John Roberts--All The Reasons to Like Him

Some great comments by a RedState.org reader on why to like John Roberts for the Supreme Court. I have to agree--it is a great selection by President Bush.

Why I like Roberts... By: iamcool388
The comment above is hilarious... unless I am reading sarcasm where there is none.

Here is why I like Roberts :-

  1. Brilliant - Anyone doubt?
  2. Young - He's only 48. Can easily serve for 30 years.
  3. Diplomatic - Always a big plus. Sure we would have loved to see an opinion written by Luttig and Janice Rogers Brown. But in the political environment today... diplomacy is huge.
  4. Looks - Had to add that in. He looks like a rock star. A liberal girl studying with me was absolutely swooning over his pic on Drudgereport.
  5. Liked - He is supposedly liked by everyone who knows him... excluding 'dumbasses' like Schumer (Orrin Hatch's implication, not mine)
  6. Recommended - Thomas loves him... Scalia recommends him. All present justices agree he has been 'far and away' the best advocate to argue in front of them. If Scalia likes someone... I grow an immediate affinity for him.
  7. Did I mention he is conservative?

There must be plenty of more reasons to like the guy... but these are the first ones which occur to me.

Anyone care to write a concise diary about his standing on different issues? Or better still, can anyone provide a link where this has already been covered?


Is it because I is black? - Ali G

Go over to PowerLineBlog.com for some great analysis on how the left will attack Roberts.

It didn't matter whom President Bush nominated. The Democrats were poised to attack, and they would have unleashed whatever ammunition they could muster regardless of who the nominee was. "People for the American Way" and other extreme-left groups were faxing out packets of attack materials on John Roberts within minutes after his nomination was announced.

So: what have they got? The short answer is, little or nothing.