Thursday, July 21

John G. Roberts, huge blow to conservatism?

A reader comments:
I don't enjoy the candidate that Bush picked. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in his LACK of leadership and LACK of common sense. This might prove to be a huge blow to conservatism.
Anonymous | 07.20.05 - 10:54 pm | #
I have to say that doubt Bush's selection of Roberts will prove to be a huge blow to Conservatism. As someone respected in the community wrote today [whom I would rather not name];
Of course, no one can discern with perfect accuracy what lies in the heart – and specifically the philosophy and beliefs – of this nominee. It will not be until future decisions are handed down by the Supreme Court that the ideology of this man, if confirmed, will become evident. We’re all aware of the tragic consequences that have resulted from the David Souter appointment by President George H.W. Bush, who believed at the time that Souter was a social conservative. He has turned out to be a radical liberal who has done great damage to this country. I know Souter has been a source of great embarrassment to former President Bush, who thought he knew the man but didn’t. Unfortunately, the extremely liberal influences of Washington, D.C, when combined with a position of enormous power, can often change a person for the worse. That is why we need to be in prayer that Judge Roberts’ true colors will become apparent before a final confirmation decision is reached. For right now, however, the man looks good.
At worst, we will all wake up to the reality that no one is immune to deception and liberal pressure. Even the president could be wrong on this one, but based on everyone's testimony about this man (including Hugh Hewitt, a very trustworthy source) Roberts should prove to be an originalist as Bush promised. The best thing to do is to pray for this nation, for the leadership, and for Roberts himself. Pray he will resist the pressure to legislate from the bench, and pray he will remian faithful to the Constitution.