Friday, July 22

When is Racial Profiling More than just Profiling?

This is ridiculous. It's this kind of thinking that endangers more people! If Latino's in an area are being "profiled" for possible gang activities, then it just might be because there are a lot of Latino gangs in the area. Is that racial profiling? What about truth and evidence? What about the authorities responsibility to protect the community?

This is another reason why illegal immigration is a security liability to our cities. When social workers and community leaders start complaining and trying to protect illegal immigrants because the police is being proactive in doing their job, this becomes a barrier to security and the law.

"El justo no tiene nada que temer" goes the saying. It translates to "The just has nothing to fear." If you are illegal, you are right in being afraid--you broke the law of this nation. We feel for your circumstances, and we apologize it is so difficult to enter this country legally. We respect your hard work and contributions to our country, but you broke the law. We do have an immigration mess. But this does not justify by any means breaking the law.
Fear runs deep in Shelby County's Hispanic communities this week as a federal gang investigation continues, bringing agents to neighborhoods largely left alone in previous immigration roundups, advocates said Thursday.

Apprehension has been mounting for more than a month, said Isabel Rubio, executive director of The Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama. Her office received calls about intensifying scrutiny long before federal authorities detained 30 people this week, she said.

"We understand there are concerns in Hoover, Pelham and Alabaster about the growing Latino community," Rubio said. "But it is our concern that Latino members of the community are being unfairly picked on, possibly victims of racial profiling. We have heard incidents where people are being asked to take off their shirts during routine traffic stops so tattoos can be photographed."