Saturday, July 23

London, Says Man Killed by Police Had No Tie to Bombings, Believed to be South American

This is terrible news. It is terrible for the London police, and the consequences it will have to their investigation. But, let us now forget what happened.

A police officer called out to stop, and the man ran from the authorities. Why was he wearing a heavy jacket? That still remains a question. Was he set up for this? There are still a lot of unanswered questions.
LONDON, July 23 - Scotland Yard admitted Saturday that a man police officers chased and shot to death at point-blank range in front of horrified subway passengers on Friday had nothing to do with the investigation into the bombing attacks here.

Senior investigators and officials of the Metropolitan Police said the man was believed to be South American; it was not known whether he was Muslim. No explosives or weapons were found on the man's body after the shooting, police officials said.

The incident sent shock waves through the country's 1.6 million Muslims, already alarmed by a publicly acknowledged shoot-to-kill policy directed against suspected suicide bombers. And it has dealt a major setback to the police investigation into suspected terrorist cells in London.

"This really is an appalling set of circumstances," said John O'Connor, a former police commander. "The consequences are quite horrible."

Azzam Tamimi, head of the Muslim Association of Britain, said: "This is very frightening. People will be afraid to walk the streets, or go on the tube, or carry anything in their hands."