Thursday, July 21

John G. Roberts--The Battle Begins!

I got this email from Mike DuHaime at the RNC. I think its a travesty that we have politized the Judicial court nomination process!! Don't get me wrong--the strategy is right on. If constituents don't call their senators, and put the pressure on, who knows what these spineless Republicans might do! And we know that the left will be going all out in their campaign to demonize Roberts in any way they can.
Dear Josue,

It's been over 36 hours since President Bush named Judge John G. Roberts to be the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Judge Roberts is a fair-minded and compassionate jurist who knows his job is to interpret the Constitution, not legislate from the bench. Response to Judge Roberts' nomination has been very positive from Republicans, legal scholars, the media and even some Democrats thanks to actions you took shortly after the President announced his choice. But our work is not done.

Liberal interest groups such as NARAL and MoveOn.Org are committed to doing all they can to keep Judge Roberts from the bench. President Bush selected Judge Roberts after an unprecedented outreach effort, consulting with Democrats and Republicans alike. He has been thorough, thoughtful and deliberate throughout the entire process. To ensure Judge Roberts is confirmed by the U.S. Senate, we need you to do three things.

1. Call your senators, tell them Roberts has your support and deserves theirs.

2. Sign our petition in support of the timely confirmation of Judge Roberts.

3. Call talk radio, write a letter to the editor of your local paper and tell your friends and neighbors why you support the President's choice.

Judge Roberts has a record that demonstrates a commitment to faithfully applying the Constitution and not legislating from the bench.

The President and Judge Roberts need your help. We need to keep the momentum going so this highly qualified nominee becomes the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Thank you for your hard work and please take action today.


Mike DuHaime
RNC Political Director