Sunday, July 17

Royal College of Nursing, discussion about foetal viability interferes helping women with unwanted pregnancies

Who cares about the potential life of a real, living human being. To talk about viability would interfere with their primary mission--eliminate babies for the convenience of the mother, and the profitability of the abortion facility. Now that's an argument you would not think you would hear coming from the Royal College of Nursing.

Real compassionate, caring bunch the RCN. Makes you wonder if discussing the viability of the elderly might also interfere with their primary role--whatever that might be. Senior citizens might want to look for retirement options outside the UK. That's what's coming next.
"The RCN welcomes the fact that doctors at the British Medical Association (BMA) conference have voted against reducing the upper limit on abortion from 24 weeks. RCN members working in sexual health and primary care are concerned first and foremost with helping women with unwanted pregnancies. The discussion about foetal viability distorts this principle.