Friday, July 22

Castro: I'm Honored to Be Elian's Friend

Ken at blogs on Castro's statements during Elian's sixth-grade graduation and the media's romance with the Communist dictator. Of course, as Ken points out, the MSM goes out of their way to leave out the important facts--federal agents took the boy by force at gun point!
Well, I noticed in my search for this story that it appears that all of the hits at TV websites use the same story as KRON. They all seem to be missing the same element of the story. Let's check the Florida papers:
His father wanted him returned to Cuba, however, and an April 2000 raid, federal agents seized the boy, then 6.
OH YEAH, THAT'S IT! The damn courts never got to "intervene in a fierce legal battle" because Janet Reno ordered federal agents to take the kid at gunpoint without going through the hassle of court. And her boss couldn't wait to get in Castro's good graces by sending him back to the gulag worker's paradise.

But you wouldn't know that from TV news.