Sunday, July 17

Fred og Frihed--Danes Show Support for George W. Bush

PowerLine pointed me to this story.
President Bush was in Denmark last week, and the usual suspects turned out to demonstrate against him. Some Danish bloggers organized a counter-demonstration to show their support for America and President Bush. Gateway Pundit, one of the best blogs out there, has the story, with photos. Note the "men in black" in the background:
Gateway Pundit reports:
Danish bloggers Fred og Frihed put out an invite to the Pro-Americans in Denmark to join them for a rally to show support for US President George W. Bush on his stopover in Denmark.
Here is Fred og Frihed's invitation:

Tired of their monopolization of the headlines each and every time meetings are held with foreign heads of state, we would like to show that there are dissenting voices to this line.

We are not all mindless ideologues, and some of us do indeed value the contributions the US has made in spreading democracy and freedom on a global scale under
President Bush.

To show this, we have decided to demonstrate our support for the USA outside the US embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 6, 2005.

We invite everyone who treasures the role the USA plays in the world to join us.