Wednesday, July 20

John Robert--A Confirmable Conservative?

From WorldMagBlog:
John Robert
So Supreme Court nominee John Roberts once wrote a brief arguing that Roe v. Wade "was wrongly decided and should be overruled." But during his 2003 confirmation hearings for the judgeship that he has now, he testified that the decision had become "the settled law of the land." Can we Christian conservatives rally behind him? Has the president found that rarest of species, a confirmable conservative?
Christopher Taylor comments on this seemingly opposite statements.
The statement he [Robert] made in 2003 was in response to a question about how he'd rule on law established by a superior court. As a law-abiding judge, he'd have to abide by it until it is overturned, because he was being confirmed to a lower court. In the Supreme Court, one does not abide by previous rulings, one abides by the constitution, and he's in a different set of circumstances. His statements seem to indicate that he understands this.
I have to say, it seems for the most part, the conservative right is celebrating. At CitizenLink, Dr. James C. Dobson, Ph.D., chairman of Focus on the Family Action, said, "Judge Roberts is an unquestionably qualified attorney and judge with impressive experience in government and the private sector." He went on to ad, "He has demonstrated at every stop on his career path the legal acumen, judicial temperament and personal integrity necessary to be a Supreme Court justice."

This also from the same CitizenLink story by Pete Winn:
Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, agreed, calling Roberts an "exceptionally well-qualified and impartial nominee."

"Judge Roberts is widely respected for his fair judgments, intellect and integrity," Perkins noted, "all things qualifying him to serve as the next Supreme Court Justice."

Pro-family legal experts who know Roberts best say they are extremely pleased with the pick.
Let us all hope the Democrats don't embarrass themselves by going foaming-mad in the confirmation process--well, one can hope. It makes me hope they use the filibuster, so as to reveal who are the true extremist in the Senate. If we could only get some backbone in the Republican leadership, then perhaps things would get done.