Thursday, July 21

House OK's Anti-Chavez Broadcasts to Venezuela

Florida Republican Rep. Connie Mack is sponsoring an amendament that would provide for Radio and TV-Marti-like broadcasts into Venezuela, recognizing Chavez growing influence in the region and the danger he posses to political stablity in the South American continent.

This from the Miami Herald.
Mack said the broadcast idea stemmed from concern that Chávez appears focused on expanding his influence beyond Venezuela by pushing socialist ideals like those supported by Cuban leader Fidel Castro while criticizing U.S.-endorsed democratic principles often labeled as imperialist.
Of course, for those who have stayed on top of this story, we know how Chavez has been attempting to blunt and control the media in Venezuela. Now, the Miami Herald article says Chavez has financed a new Latin America-wide television station based out of Caracas. Think the Latino version of AlJazira, with less violence, but just as much anti-American sentiments.
''Chávez has clearly gone astray and doesn't believe any more in freedom and democracy. He has said that he is on a march to socialism,'' Mack told The Herald. ``What we are saying to Chávez and his cronies is that we're keeping an eye on him.''